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    ...and something else, additional questions for Raccoon :) from freight forwarders

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    I also get orders from clients in CSV / Excel files, is it possible to process them too?

    Yes :) App also reads them automatically and sends them to TMS. All you need to do is configure the columns of the CSV file.

    Clients expect me to send them quick email confirmation of order acceptance and sometimes they also send enquiries. Can I answer them immediately to an email in Email2TMS?

    Of course, Email2TMS will help you not only with entering the order into your TMS, but it will also allow you to handle enquiries quickly.

    Sometimes I need to quickly find a carrier for an order and to do this I send an offer to the freight exchange for this purpose. Can I do it right away in Email2TMS?

    Yes, we are working intensively to give you the opportunity to integrate Email2TMS with any freight exchange. Here you decide which exchange you want to place an order on and when. In the future, we want to introduce a feature that will allow you to automate this process to a single click.

    Is it possible to integrate Email2TMS with my TMS, on which we already work in the company?

    Of course. This is why our tool is so efficient. However, we cannot promise you that we are already integrated with your TMS provider. We will gladly do the integration, but tell us whose services you are using and notify your software provider.

    Am I able to connect several e-mail boxes at the same time and is each of them suitable for this?

    Yes. We have extensive experience in working with freight forwarding companies and logistics operators. We know that one freight forwarder often needs to use several e-mail boxes, so we enable this functionality for you.

    I deal with dozens of different clients and the orders they send can be completely different. Can Email2TMS handle this?

    Email2TMS was created using OCR, AI and Machine learning technologies. In other words, it is a very advanced system created precisely to cope with the reading of various transport orders in terms of content, language or form. In the beginning, it is you who must help it recognise transport orders properly, but then Email2TMS will do it for you.

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