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App for recognising and digitising transport orders received by @EMAIL to be automatically appear in TMS

An e-mail client created for the needs of transport digitisation. Designed using OCR, AI and machine learning technologies to make a freight forwarder's work easier, faster and more effective.

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Why was Email2TMS created?

  • Every day, THOUSANDS of freight forwarders receive THOUSANDS of EMAILS with transport orders from their clients.
  • These thousands of orders have to be MANUALLY entered into TMS.
  • It is a boring, ineffective and time-consuming task, and also prone to human error. Time and accuracy in freight forwarding are always key.

Transport orders are very important documents for freight forwarding. The order contains significant information which is crucial for its proper execution, client satisfaction, but also for carrier’s no problems later on. Unfortunately, each client sends an order according to their own pattern, in their own language. There is no standard here and this generates problems on the side of freight forwarders.

7 steps, to get orders into TMS "by themselves".

Plus 2 weeks of daily adjustments and system learning for effective automation

  • Every day, THOUSANDS of freight forwarders receive THOUSANDS of EMAILS with transport orders from their clients.
  • The system will automatically start to recognise these orders, and the algorithm will assign the recognised information to the appropriate fields for the order. At first, it may not recognise all the information 100% because order templates are really different. But you can help it, you can edit and correct them to make them right.
  • Start mapping the order template fields from a given sender yourself, so that the algorithm always reads and recognises them correctly.
  • Our algorithm will learn all the time on your actions to identify the same information automatically and independently later. This is what machine learning is all about in practice.
  • On the list of all received and processed orders, you will see their status, i.e. which have been recognised 100% correctly, and which require checking and your reaction, e.g. correction, so that subsequent ones are interpreted correctly.
  • Correctly processed orders can be automatically sent via Email2TMS to your TMS.
  • After about two weeks of fine-tuning the algorithm so that it reads the orders from your senders correctly, your work will become a pleasure and orders will be automatically transferred.

How does it look in practice?

We care about the simplicity and ease of use of our app. Freight forwarder's work is not easy, so we do our best to help him.

... and something else, additional questions for Raccoon :) from freight forwarders

We are always happy to answer them, it is the contractor’s satisfaction that counts the most for us.
I also get orders from clients in CSV / Excel files, is it possible to process them too?

Yes :) App also reads them automatically and sends them to TMS. All you need to do is to load CSV files from an email or our disk.

Clients expect me to send them quick email confirmation of order acceptance and sometimes they also send enquiries. Can I answer them immediately to an email in Email2TMS?

You can :). It works a bit like a regular email box. You can confirm an order, refuse, and reply to an enquiry. Your time is valuable so we want it to be convenient and effective.

Sometimes I need to quickly find a carrier for an order and to do this I send an offer to the freight exchange. Can I do it right away in Email2TMS?

Of course :) Your convenience and time are important to us. One click and it can be on the exchange you are using. What's more, you can edit the freight and change or limit the data. We know that you do not want to publish all your order data publicly on the exchanges. You have the choice and flexibility.

Research shows that in road transport, as many as 90% of transport orders are received by freight forwarders all the time by email. And yet, only when the orders are entered into TMS, it is possible to digitise the freight forwarder's work on such freight.

Is Email2TMS worth it?

According to our data, for one freight forwarder, it saves up to 252 hours and from €1,400 to €3,800 per year. Remember to add to this the capability of executing more orders, thanks to time savings. You can do your own calculation!

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Please enter some numbers specific to your business.
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And that means up to ... Euro savings per year for your business. In addition, you will gain...hours per week of your freight forwarders’ work to use. What you can directly translate into the realisation of subsequent freight.
(after deduction the cost of the app and after the algorithm calibration period)

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